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Michigan auto insurance is extremely important to understand. With so many companies, agencies and options out there, let Michigan Insurance Partners LLC be the professionals to help you find the coverage you need.

Our goal at Michigan Insurance Partners is simple. We work with our clients to educate them on Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance and build long-term client relationships. Once educated, a client can make an informed decision regarding their insurance based on their own specific needs.

Too often we see insurance shoppers come to us for a quote- but have no idea what coverage they currently have. The only thing an average shoppers knows about their insurance is they “have a $500 deductible” or “just PLPD”… What are you assets worth? What are your future earning worth? Do you have the proper liability coverage to protect those items? Do you know what your current company is providing in the way of liability coverage? Those questions are far too important to be left unanswered.

Once a client understands coverage options they can then match coverage to their specific situation. At that point, it becomes our job to find every possible discount the client is eligible for. This method of shopping insures the client gets the coverage they need at a price that makes sense. From there, we can discuss options to help reduce costs while still maintaining the integrity of their policy.

We work with Michigan’s premier auto insurance companies to provide our clients quality, flexibility and stability. By representing many carriers, we are always able to stay competitive in a landscape that is always changing.

Our promise is to always operate with integrity and provide straightforward insurance solutions. Complete our quote request form below and we will contact you right away. Or feel free to call us directly for a quote at 734-274-5411. We can provide a quote right over the phone.

We work hard to respond quickly to all quote requests (even on the weekends).

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