Plan Ahead to save on Auto Insurance

Planning (7 days) ahead can save BIG on auto insurance!

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The best way to save money on auto insurance is to understand the game. The more you know, the better your chance of maximizing every possible discount. One discount most people don’t consider is signing up for new insurance 7 days BEFORE your old coverage is set to expire/be cancelled. The name of this discount varies by insurance company but it could be called Early Signing Discount, Advanced Quote discount, Future Effective Discount, ETC. Although some companies don’t offer such a discount- most do. The discount makes sense because those customer who plan ahead (at least 7 days) are generally more adverse to risk. “Planners” statistically file less claims. Therefore, insurance companies are willing offer discount to attract these types of people. In most instances, this discount ranges from 5-15%. The moral of the story is that you should begin investigating switching auto insurance around the time you get the renewal paperwork in the mail. Most Michigan insurance companies process automobile renewal paperwork at least 30 days in advance. This allows customers time to look over their renewal offer, discuss the renewal policy with their agent and shop the rate through other carriers if desired. Coverages such as bodily injury, property damage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), deductibles, rental reimbursement and towing are important and should be discussed with your agent. The more you know, the more potential to save on Michigan Auto Insurance. If you live in or around Ann Arbor 48105 48103 48104 48108 , Dexter 48130 , Saline 48176 , Whitmore Lake 48189 feel free to call or stop by. We would be happy to review your insurance and offer low cost solutions.

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